Many people leave each time period to other countries with Different cultures, customs and traditions. These people are forced to adapt so they can live in a new society. Immigration shall be made individually or in-group to other countries. There are usually many conditions that lead to migration. Such as, the spread of civil and international war. The reasons for migration can be economic, social, political or environmental. The migration is always a long way to go far from his state.


There are two types of migration: Internal migration and International migration. Internal migration is when people migrate within the same country but move to other city. On the other hand, the international Migration is when people migrate from their countries to another countries. For example, moving from Morocco to France.


There are several reasons for emigration, including political reasons and social reasons. For the political reasons, they want a free expression of opinion and distance from racism and they want to have an opinion on everything and its place in society. For the social reasons they have the right to be people of great value in society. One of the causes of migration is that they want to get a new job and earn a lot of money more than the past. On the other hand, they are gaining new cultures and learning respect for other religions. In addition, there are immigrants who do not respect the countries to go to and do crimes to describe and destroy the land. On the contrary, there are people migrating for reasons I have said before, such as earning cultures, earning money and working there. The life is hard for them. They did not find peace neither in their old lives nor neither the new life.

It is the wish of everyone to live a happy and free life in a country where they get equal opportunity and thereby secure a better future for themselves and their families. Although the arrival of most immigrants is for personal reasons, not the government imposed on them. So if they get any blow they must endure the calamities.


Migrants always find for the best countries to live. Such as, countries have ability to welcome them and find a nice life. According to analysis by The Telegraph: “Middle East countries have the highest number of the migrants as a proportion of their population”. It might the Middle East counties need more people to work within so they can find a job very quick. Others countries is hard to find a job. There is a great point for the migration which is we see that the State of Syria has been suffering from the problems of terrorism and war since the past years. They want to go to a safe place for them to secure their lives and the lives of their children from the injustice they are in. Many countries, such as Somalia and the rest of Africa, are migrating away from famine. More than a million transients and outcasts crossed into Europe in 2015, starting an emergency as nations attempted to adapt to the flood, and making division in the EU over how best to manage resettling individuals.


In addition, there are two types of people who migrate: -“ Emigration by sea”. It is an unknown and formal way and is selected by the best country to get out of them. According to UNHCR: Winter has not stemmed the stream of individuals – with 135,711 individuals achieving Europe via ocean since begin of 2016. The other group travels in a peaceful and good way and uses the airports. Although enormous numbers have been applying for haven, the quantity of individuals being given refuge is far lower. In 2015, EU nations offered shelter to 292,540 displaced people. Around the same time, more than a million transients connected for haven – in spite of the fact that applying for shelter can be a long methodology such a significant number of those given exile status may have connected in earlier years. The most recent net movement measurements demonstrate that in the year finishing March 2017, net relocation to the UK was 246,000. Each country has statistic number. Some of them have a high number and some of the others have a low number of migrates.

In last years, Europe has the highest level of migrates. For example, France and German.


At the end, Most people have migrated to other countries whether they are officially migrated or not. They managed to get a suitable place for them and a good job. To forget what happened to them in their homes and what the tragedy they suffered. Most people see that the subject of migration is not very good and the other part sees it as good for some categories. Immigration has pros and cons. If anyone wants to migrate, you will face the difficulties and confrontations that you will face in the future. At the end, everyone chose to go in this way must to respect the new place and respect the customs and beliefs as they have. It is nit allowed to claim anything about them. Finally, this essay to discus and show as what does the migration mean and what are the best countries for the migration. People should know and take care for their new life and must help each other’s in the alienation.







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